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About Loans

Who Can Apply for an NFCU Loan?
Members who have at least $25.00 on deposit with NFCU are eligible to apply for an NFCU loan.

Enjoy Great Service!
We make every effort to close a loan request within 24 hours. Be sure to call a Loan Officer to find out your fastest process.

How to Apply for a Loan
For your round-the-clock convenience, APPLY ONLINE for all loans except mortgages.

Consumer Loans

See Consumer Loan Rates

Personal Loans
This handy loan may be used for car repair, tuition, moving expenses, medical bills, weddings – you name it! 36 months repayment term.

Line of Credit
Enjoy ready cash as needs arise. This may be used for checking account overdraft protection. 36 months repayment term.

New Computers
Just say NO to costly in-store financing! 100% of Retail. 24 months repayment term.

Certificate Secured
APR is 2% above your current certificate rate. 60 months repayment term.

Share Secured
Up to amount in regular share savings. 60 months repayment term.

Christmas & Vacation Loans
$1,500 maximum… 12 months repayment term.

Helping Hand Loan
This loan is available as a “last resort” for members needing quick cash or help establishing or rebuilding credit.

  • Must have employment and provide a current pay stub
  • No credit check
  • Must not be in bankruptcy
  • Must be in good standing with NFCU
  • $500.00 maximum per loan
  • Loan application fee before advance
  • 3 months repayment term
  • Loan must be repaid in full before receiving another advance. (Only four per calendar year, per household.)

Debt Consolidation Loan
$26,000 maximum. 60 months repayment term.

Visa Credit Cards

See Visa Credit Card Rates

For NFCU members only! If you currently hold a higher-interest credit card or credit balance anywhere, we invite you to transfer the balance to an NFCU issued VISA — and save!

  • NO annual fee!
  • LOW fixed rate!
  • NO teaser rate!
  • No cash advance fees!
  • Pay off your balance within the 25 day grace period and owe no interest!

Credit Card for Teens
Here at Nashville Firemen’s Credit Union, we believe all young people should learn healthy savings habits FIRST! However, we understand there may be times when teens need a credit card — such as when they go to college.

Does your teen need a VISA card? If your teen (at least age 18) has an NFCU student savings account, then with your parental approval and signature on the application, he or she may apply for an NFCU VISA card.

Vehicle Loans

NFCU offers an excellent range of low-interest loans for both new and used vehicles. Why not get pre-approved before you shop? Getting pre-approved (finding out exactly how much car you can buy) will give you bargaining power! All repayment terms are based on the value of the vehicle. Remember — NFCU offers extended auto warranties and GAP Insurance!

Car, Truck or Van


  • 100% of retail…up to 84 months
  • 90% of retail…up to 84 months (at a discounted rate)
  • 100% payoff...up to 84 months

Semi-New Car/Truck/Van (501 – 15,000 miles):

  • 90% of retail…up to 84 months

Used Car/Truck/Van:

  • 90% of NADA retail…up to 84 months
  • Refinance (after 1 year, 100% payoff)...up to 84 months



  • 100% of retail
  • up to 84 months


  • 90% of retail
  • up to 84 months



  • 90% of retail
  • up to 84 months


  • 90% of NADA high retail
  • up to 84 months

Motor Homes


  • 90% of retail
  • up to 120 months


  • 90% of NADA retail
  • up to 120 months

Non-motorized RV


  • 90% of retail
  • up to 72 months


  • 90% of NADA retail
  • up to 72 months

Other Secured (Lawn mowers, ATVs, Trailers, etc.)

New & Used:

  • 90% of retail
  • up to 60 months

Mortgage Loans

NFCU is helping to make home ownership a reality for our members by offering an array of mortgage programs. From “low down payments” to “jumbo mortgages,” there’s a program that best suits you. Your NFCU Loan Officer can help you find it! Call for details.

First & Second Mortgages

  • Up to $100,000
  • up to 120 months
  • Fixed Rate, 80/20 LTV
  • No origination fee
  • Must pay attorney closing cost, recording fees, title policy and the appraisal fee.

Over $100,000, higher LTV options available and longer repayment terms. Call NFCU Mortgage Loan Officer for options.

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